When you speak good business English, you can enjoy these advantages to make your tourist business  more profitable:

  • Tourists love it when tourism centres or tourist attractions have staff who can communicate well.
  • Guides and front office staff will be more helpful to English-speaking visitors, ensuring a rewarding experience and improved chances of return visits.
  • Brochures, maps and other tourism material can be produced with confidence and be accurate.
  • It’s easy to promote your venue/event to foreign tourists when you can speak English well.
  • Improve the quality of your website by making sure that the wording you use is suitable and well-thought out.
  • Wine producers can deal more confidently with buyers in English-speaking countries, as well as produce more effective marketing material to assist with sales.
  • Tourists and business travellers are sometimes apprehensive when visiting foreign countries. English-speaking taxi drivers and chauffeurs will give them confidence in you, so that when they return, they will ask for you by name.