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Are you frustrated by limited career opportunities? Struggling to make an impression at work? Feeling like an invisible face in the crowd?

BIZReview, our twice-monthly online magazine and video, will give you immediate access to the management and communication skills we’ve learned in forty years as successful business executives and entrepreneurs.

BIZReview will help you move up the corporate ladder.

Based on continuous research, backed by almost forty years of successful business management, the editors of BIZReview bring you a bright, colourful, easy to read online magazine every two weeks.

On every page, there are crisply written articles about the essential aspects of management and communication that would normally take you decades of experience to acquire.

With each issue, there’s a short video on an important business topic, so you can read and watch whenever and wherever you like.

You'll learn:

  • How to make a good impression in meetings
  • Writing and presenting like a seasoned professional
  • The secrets of creating persuasive emails
  • How to be a better team player
  • Pitching your ideas to management
  • Interview techniques that will get you the job
  • Managing difficult bosses and colleagues
  • Writing better reports
  • Motivating yourself for success
  • Basic leadership skills
  • Thinking globally

...and so much more.

Scroll down to our Career Flight Path and see how your your value grows as you improve your management and communication skills.

See how adding skills helps to advance your career. Even if you think you’re invisible now, helping to become more eloquent in your speech and writing alone will give you an early boost.
As you progress, reading more and more about business language, self-management, interpersonal skills and more, it’s easy to see how your value improves. And that’s the key that opens up new opportunities.

chelsea school career flight path

On every page, there are crisply written articles about the essential aspects of management and communication that would normally take you decades of experience to acquire.

A 5-10 minute video on business language or business skills.

Email us your business communication and management questions and we’ll respond within 24 hours.

Meet the team

Chris Marrington and Sue Lerena, creators of the BIZReview, each have nearly four decades of experience. They worked their way up from junior jobs straight from school to owners of their own successful businesses.

Chelsea School Chris Marrington

Chris Marrington

Trained as an advertising copywriter

Winner of over a hundred advertising awards, including the Cannes Film Festival

Executive Group Creative Director at a global advertising agency

Taught business communications to MBA students

15 years as an independent marketing and communications consultant servicing 16 countries

Chelsea School Sue Lerena

Sue Lerena

Trained in market research

Specialized in consumer behaviour, fast moving consumer goods

Strategic planning director at a leading global advertising agency

Accredited market researcher

Owner of independent market research consultancy servicing 18 international markets

Trained and mentored young research executives throughout her career

Learn with our team.

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Grow from being just a face in the company crowd to reveal your full leadership potential.  Without fear of failure.


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